Snappy Chef 1 & 2 plate Induction Stoves are portable for easy use, AND can be built-in for a stylish, elegant finish.

Platinum Cookware Range

The Snappy Chef Platinum 6pc Cookware set & 26cm Frying Pan + 30 cm Casserole compliments any household kitchen. This set is the heart of your cookware range, and essential to any kitchen. Ideal for boiling, baking & frying, this high-quality cookware set makes cooking a joy.

Superlight Cast Iron Cookware Range

Add the final stylish touch to any meal with this complete Snappy Chef Superlight Cast Iron set.
Cook a meal and serve directly- no re-dishing required. Casseroles come in 3 sizes and include in the set- a brilliant wok-style, oven-safe casserole. No kitchen is complete without a Snappy Chef Cast Iron Casserole

Deluxe Cookware Range

The Snappy Chef Deluxe range is ideal for those who cater to everyone else. Get soups, pastas, etc. done quickly and efficiently without hassles. Cater for yourself, your family, your in-laws, your neighbours, your friends- and have some left-overs.

Budget Cookware Range

The 6pc Snappy Chef Budget Cookware set & 26cm Frying Pan is versatile and can be used on induction, gas and normal stoves. It comes with glass lids and can therefore be placed in the oven and is dishwasher safe

Whistling Kettles

Remember the good old days? When the kettle’s whistle indicated it is time for a break- and a well-deserved cup of coffee?
Times might have changed- but this has not. Own your trendy retro whistling kettle- and instantly make everyone long for days gone by.

Knife Sets

The Snappy Chef Steak Knife-set is made from the highest grade, German Carbon Steel. With an excellent hardness of RC 56 to ensure sharpness and longevity of the blades.
The set consists of six steak knives in a knife-block with a stylish, wooden finish.

Elite and Classic Chafers Range

(Catering – Chafing Dishes)

Presenting feasts has never been so easily classy. With several choice inserts, simple to clean & easy to use- you and your dinners will love it! Make use of our Elite & Classic Chafer range to present what you have to offer in the best possible way. Stylish, yet simple to use- these chafers are a must in any restaurant, B&B or lodge.

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